Seeking Course Advice

Hi there! New to Codecademy (I do have Pro Membership). I have never really done coding before yesterday. I’m seeking some advice on which courses I should take. I love playing Minecraft, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I wanna start learning how to code for Minecraft, possibly just for entertainment purposes, however, It’s a dream of mine to one day work for the company. I know Minecraft uses Java, so yesterday I started the introduction to JavaScript course. I’m already making great progress, I’m enjoying it, and I’m already excited and ready for whats next. Is this a good starting course for learning coding for Minecraft? What courses should I take next? Any tips you could give me to most effectively and efficiently learn coding? Thank you so much for any advice! I already love this community. :smiley:

Java and JavaScript are different things, but Codecademy does have a Java course.

Writing a (Bukkit/Spigot) plugin is the best way to integrate your new knowledge of coding with your love of Minecraft, as it lets you mess around with code that affects the server it’s run on (you can completely rewrite certain mechanics and add your own (I made Pandas rideable)) without breaking the source of the game. You can learn more about that here (it says it’s 1.8-1.11 but it works on 1.14 too).


Thank you! So which course should I be taking? The Java or JavaScript one? Also could you elaborate on what makes them different? Is JavaScript used for Minecraft at all and should I start with the Java course first? :slight_smile:

Take Java, because that and JavaScript are very different and you can’t use JS for Minecraft.

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