Seeking approval to post a thread on forums regarding bachelor thesis interviews

Hi, this post is aimed at moderators of this forum.

We’re a group of university students (Örebro University, Sweden) doing our bachelor thesis on how game mechanics (Badges, achievements etc) used in non-gaming applications can motivate users, specifically in programming-learning applications.

We’ve found that Codecademy is the best application for a study like this, and therefore want to interview Codecademy users. We’re hoping on getting approval from you to post a thread in the forums were we would look for users to interview.

This project has no financial or monetary aim. This project is not an evaluation of Codecademy itself, it is purely a study on how game mechanics affects motivation. We would be happy to share the results of our study once the project is complete, it will however be written in Swedish but we could do an overview of the results in English.