Sed 's/snow/rain/' forests.txt is not working

sed ‘s/snow/rain/’ forests.txt

this command i typed as asked to but returns as unterminated `s’ command. please help

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Any chance you could upload a screenshot?

Also are you on step 2 or 3 of that exercise?

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HI here what you should type

sed 's/snow/rain/g' forests.txt

and here what you typed

sed 's/snow/rain/' forests.txt

Do you see what’s missing?

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Me too Stuck here , whats wrong with the Command ?

I also met the same problem, I click the ‘reset the exercise’ and refresh my web page, then I use the ‘tab’ key instead of the blank, and the problem is gone. I hope this can help you.

I can’t get past this:
sed ‘s/snow/rain/’ forests.txt

Getting the same problem on step 2, refreshing didn’t help.

From the screenshot, you’ll want to add a forward slash / at the end of your sed expression.



you should run cat forests.txt again after running sed 's/snow/rain/' forests.txt command.

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