Securing an image size

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i have recently added the “map” under my slide show

as the screen gets tighter and tighter the slide shows adjusts with the window browser. the edges never come in, it stays consistently full

when i do the same the map gets much smaller real quick

i have tried everything i could think of

kindly help me out?

if you want the world map to behave like the slide show, try giving it the property width: 100%

Otherwise, it looks like the world map image is keeping the proportions. As you make the browser smaller, it keeps 50% of the remaining width. Is this not what you want?

thanks for your time!

yes, width: 100% does the trick

however, its 100% of the screen

can i, say, have the map at 50% of the screen and maintain proportions?

again, thanks!

I checked your code and I think the image is already keeping 50% of the width, even when you make the browser smaller. Measure the right and left margins, I think it is 50% all the time!


you are correct!


please see

need i div tags around my ?


need i need divs around my anchors?

tags are always optional unless you need them for design purposes. Never mandatory

having trouble writing a media query…

for some reason i cannot figure it out!

kindly see Links, Nearby Places of Interest & Programs


Links, Nearby Places of Interest & Programs

](Links, Nearby Places of Interest & Programs)

what i want is on a tablet / small device “Nearby Places of Interest” link and “Events and programs” link to have a font-size of 1 rem and right and left margins drawn in closer… i would like to experiment on this. and change the numbers to tweak

what have i not been doing right?