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I have the same problem. I already checked and I most certainly did every lesson (in the lessons menu everything is checked). But still my track overview says HTML Basics III is only 93% completed. I didn’t receive my badge for completing this course either. I’m using Firefox 45.0.1 on Windows 8.1.

since I can’t put more than 1 pic in a reply I’ll have to do it like this… :confused:


Are you using your pc at home/work/school ?

Just to double check:
Firefox 45.0.1
Windows 8.1.

at home

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Okay thank you :slight_smile:
This issue is reported …

Thank you and you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Should I mark this topic as solved now?

You don’t need to. It says reported in the title.

Okay, then I’ll leave it like this

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I just went ahead and started to submit every lesson again one by one and it worked!
After I submitted (I think it was) lesson 6, I suddenly received the badge for completing it.
It’s weird though, since I most certainly had already re-submitted lesson 6 multiple times…

Glad :slight_smile:

I just did lessons 1-12 but the menu doesn’t show check marks behind the lessons. Once I click on a random lesson and open up the menu again, though, the checks suddenly appear. It isn’t a major problem, but it’s something that could be impoved. I had the same problem with previous lessons of HTML&CSS.

I’m using Firefox 45.0.1 on Windows 8.1.

edit: I don’t know if I was clear about this but once the checks had appeared, they didn’t disappear. (Even when I went back to my original lesson)


Yeah, have that same kind of bug but after resubmitting the exercise many time with my code saved, the green check marks appeared.

Once I click on a lesson from the menu and open the menu again, the checks appear and will stay there.
It’s just that I have to do that because it otherwise won’t synchronize or something. It’s not really that big of a problem, but just a bit annoying.
Percentage does move up by the way.

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