Section 8 practice makes perfect


Here's the objective:
For this round, we'll show you the comparators and you set each variable to true or false depending on what value you expect the expression to return. Remember: no quotes around true and false!

The error code says: Oops, try again. It looks like your value for test_1 isn't correct.

However CodeAcademy gives us the values for test-1 so does anyone have an idea?
Here's my code: Note: lines 1 and 2 are given by codeacademy

test_1 = 77 != 77

test_1 =
if x>y
print true
print false


We're just asking you to set the variables to true or false based on the comments above, nothing else. I don't understand where all these lines of code are coming from.

As you can see in this line:

test_1 =

You're missing a value after your variable.


As per the instructions we should use comparators sign to make true of false ?