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I have clearly added an h3 for every content div but it continues to tell me that I haven't added one for the third content div.


There is no closing tag on your Travel div.

Also, you seem to have a bunch of code after your Trust and Safety div ... isn't that supposed to be up in your jumbotron div?


I'm getting the same issue. I wrote it myself with next to no help, went to click next and says i need an h3 element. I have clearly written


< h3> text < /h3> (Spacing to avoid the automated format as shown above this line.) I even deleted it and copied the hint but nothing is working. Any more ideas>?

Edit: It is now telling me to add h3 elements and p elements for div 2. Urgh


If you want to show your code please follow these steps:


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But it's not the one I'm doing


Hi @happycode2015, what are you talking about here?

Maybe you mean to be over in this thread: ?