Section 5 - Neighbourhood Guides: Grids



Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?!

please and thank you :smile:


Never mind got it just after I posted this!


How did you get past it?


I didn't have quite the same problem as shown here, but it would seem that OP has two too many /div's at the end of their lines. They correctly closed out each div class="col-md-4" right underneath, but then did so again at the end of the code. There are three div's at the end, but she would only need ONE in order to close out the original div class="row" line. Hope this helps!


The only thing that seemed to be wrong was that I spelt neighborhood wrong. When I changed that everything worked perfectly


@ciaramp21 he amazing man i made the ditto same error as u and extra u in neighborhood guides and got same error . looks like our mind works the same way.. nice knowing u . i was not able to debug as it was saying is missing as it was not. thanks man again