Section 2 and 3


how to use the pwd and ld command inside CMD / command prompt on windows


Windows uses a different shell and is an entirely different environment.
It's also slightly questionable why you would want to.

But as for how, google for it, that's how everyone finds stuff like that.. "windows cmd change directory" "windows cmd list files" etc

I'm on a linux machine right now, and looking at my task bar, I've got just a browser and everything else is terminals. It makes sense to control my system from the command line, that's how it's designed. Windows? not so much, they are more in the point-and-click business, whatever sells to the lowest common denominator.

When it comes to servers, they are playing catch-up to unix-systems and they try to lock you down to their platform, whereas unix-like systems are mostly based on free software that exists to do as you wish, not to work for some company. This makes linux a friendlier premise for deploying your software, because the stuff you rely has guarantees about its continued existence and isn't controlled by some corporation.