Section 11: Data Type - Booleans


I'm trying to practice the Booleans in section 11. I've typed the code exactly as shown, but it's not letting me save and submit.

"I'm coding like a champ!".length > 10;

Is there more to the code than I'm entering?

Thanks. Tina


You put an exclamation mark there. :smiley:


Yes, I did. Because there was one in the sample. Attached is a screenshot of the instructions. Thanks.


That's the hint's fault. Look at your instructions. See that there's no exclamation mark in there? :smiley:


Thanks. I took the exclamation point out, and I still cannot save and submit. Attached is another screenshot to show you.


Try refreshing. It works sometimes. :smiley:


Something so simple... :grinning:

Thank you for your help.