[Second Post]Looking for more learning resources / help


This class and the other Alexa class were super helpful in getting started with some basic understand of how to create an Alexa skill. I would like to go on and am looking for further learning resources. Can anyone recommend anything? I tried a few Udemy courses but they were pretty terrible, copying Amazon’s sample code directly with little to no explanation. I had a similar experience with a few Youtube videos.

I have an idea for a cool personal assistant helper Alexa skill but definitely need to do a bit more learning. One thing in particular is, how would I add some type of data storage – like a backend or app UI that would allow me to enter information I would want Alexa to have and use? Do I need a separate app that stores data that Alexa would interface with? Anyhow, thanks for the great work and if anyone can point me in a next direction I would appreciate it.

(I posted this in the Creating Lambda Function for Alexa forum as well.)


The backend would have to be something connected to an interface of sorts that your code could access. Alexa is a serverless resource where everything is bundled with the intents, if I understand it correctly. Still very new to this, as well.

As for where more resources can be found, Amazon seems to be the best, at present. Join their user forum to access the many others who are entering the fray. Over the next while there should be a lot of cool stuff surfacing.

Amazon is a partner with CC on this one, so letting your wishes be known here will get back to them through established channels. There will be a breaking in period, a training wheels period and maybe a few wrinkles at first, but I see this as blossoming into a great relationship over time.


Only one post is needed. That one will sadly be removed.