Second part of html Css


Hi! Iam new to codecademy. I am done with "Html CSS part1". I want to ask that what is the second part of it?



At this point currently, there is no part 2. However, there are forum posts that deal with what to do after HTML/CSS Part 1. At this moment I cannot refind them but I am sure if you post in the community section about what to do you could get some great suggestions like websites to try etc.


You could always start the regular HTML and CSS course, or the deploy a website, or the make a website.

Regular HTML and CSS
Note, this course is supposedly going to be removed by the end of the year.

Make a website

And last but not least,
Deploy a website.

If you're looking to go into web design, I would suggest Learn JavaScript and when you finish that, Sass, and finally Learn jQuery.

When you finish those three, go on to React.js pt 1 and then React.js pt 2.

Following those, learn git would prove to be useful if you ever decide to use github. If you do decide to learn git, learning the command line would prove to be useful.


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