Second else if statement: choice1 = paper - don't find syntax error


It drives me crazy but when I build the code for the second else if statement I get an syntax error and I don't find it. Can someone help please. I am searching already for hours


You have a problem on line 21. Your code enter if first, then looks to else if, and finally, else. But immediately in your else you have return, and your code after that is not even run. But you can't write else if on line 23 without having if first, or have 2 elses (on line 20 and line 27).

Copy your code here if you need help formatting it or fix it yourself. I think this are your only errors.


You have closed the else if condition too soon. In your code, you have closed the else if after if statement instead of closing after the else condition.

else if (condition) {
if (condition) {
} else {