Searching for a friend - 7


var friends = {
steve: {
firstName :"Steve",
lastName :"Yahbs",
address : ['Applesucks ln', 'Probably California', '$$$$'],
bill: {
firstName :"Bill",
address : ['Windows Eh dr.', 'Washington State', '$$$$'],
allen : {
firstName :"Allen",
lastName :"Rodriguez",
number :"777-7777",
address : ['Something something Buena Park', 'Taxas', '79907'],
var list = function(friends) {
for ( var firstName in friends){
var search = function(name){
for (var key in friends) {
if(friends[key].firstName === name) {
return friends[key];

I don't know why I get two printouts of "steve" but none of "allen" even though the code runs properly and I get allowed to the next exercise.


This lesson is very buggy, I cannot properly explain why this happens and why you are let through, just continue on and forget the contact list nonsense.


This is a significant issue for me.... for Code Academy in general. If something is buggy like this, there's a zero customer support policy... no one to even write to. If you DO find help, it's a pat response "use the forums -- we use a community-based support model." Ridiculous. You're trying to learn a scripting language here. Sorting through a zillion user responses, some of which may be waaaaay off base, just doesn't make sense.

And you're correct... the threshold for moving forward is insane. The editor simply doesn't have the intelligence to parse every user's code effectively.


I would completely agree with you if this was a payed service, but you have to remember that this is a free service, so they don't owe us any customer service.


Free isn't without its standards. And even if one DOES have to lower the bar a bit, you'd THINK that Code Academy wouldn't WANT this... that they'd actually be interested in improving their product and helping their users. Ultimately, it's the user base that helps to keep them going. Back in the day, Code Academy was one of a kind, but now there are dozens of sites providing the same learning experience. Not sure any of them can afford to back away from the customer support experience.