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in the searchcademy project you’re supposed to give a few longer commands in the bash command line that are already written in the project description.

Is it possible to paste into the bash command line?


We might be on different systems, but for me it works if I right click with my mouse in the bash terminal and click “paste” after I’ve copied it. I noticed it didn’t work with the usual ctrl-v


As an addition to @irlfede’s answer you can use keyboard shortcuts but they’ll often be different to your standard copy/paste shortcut. It’s a little out of date now (may have to search for your current system if it’s no good) but this SO answer has a few keyboard shortcuts for pasting into the shell in various different OS systems (answer covers more than Linux)-

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thanks for your response! Yes, this works on the bash on my pc but not in the codecademy environment of the website. i’ll just type it by hand i guess.

Hi, thanks for your response, interesting post! on the bash on my pc the ctrl + insert works but none work on the presented bash terminal of the codecadamy website. I’ll just type it i guess

Using the pop up menu from right clicking to access ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ worked for me too!

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