Search through the games I've played and finished through genres

To start, the link is:

So for this project, I wanted to do something that was fun for myself. I decided to do the project on video games, specifically allowing a user to look through the games I have completed recently by searching by genres. The titles are made with the title name, the genres they are a part of, and their highest score on Metacritic. This project took a while because of what function the program should have, and what data structure to use. I decided to just go with graphs since one object will be referenced by multiple other objects.
There are some things that sort of limit the functionality of the program, but I will deal with that soon.
Thank you, and happy learning!

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Hi Daniel!

I know you’ve posted this forever ago, but we made something very similar. If you’re still around and have some time I would really like it if you could check mine out and give me feedback!

I really like the way you implemented this. Your solution is very straight forward. I really liked how you give numbers to the user to choose one of the potential option and how your program can give you options even if what you wrote isn’t the beginning of the words in the list.

The one thing I would have liked to see is space between the games as the way it’s been printed now it’s a little difficult to read. Other than that, great job, mate! I imagine by now you’re unto much bigger stuff!