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I just spent literally an hour in CodePen trying to realize why my code was not being approved. Once I caved in and looked at the code hint, I realized that I was not making a mistake in my code but rather the assignment was ambiguously written! Based on earlier exercises in this course we were required to slice data into individual console.log statements, and so I assumed this example followed the same guidelines. I wrote a function, something similar to this, follow suit:

for(var x in friends){

But the exercise actually expected a return of an entire OBJECT (which makes DRY sense) not a set of the object's keys individually. I knew my code was not the fastest or the cleanest way of doing it, but I followed earlier exercises.

Again the I know these classes are written by individual devs and they have their own style of communicating. But when creating modules for WWW, please use explicitly clear language that leaves nothing to the imagination to interpret. Also the error messages need to actually be useful. Responses like: "oops there seems to be a problem with your code," EXPLAINS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THE MISTAKES THE STUDENTS ARE MAKING.

I saw the note about the fact that some of these tracks getting an upgrade.. I strongly recommend improving on the clarity of:

  1. The task requirement
  2. Error messaging


Part of programming is also learning to design your program, if its already perfectly spelled out for you, you only learn to code, not to program (unless you only want to learn how to code, but i can't imaging this)

The other part is debugging, codecademy is trying to help you with more friendly error messages (not always succeeding), but the JS interpreter can also give error messages. And there are debug tools online, they are available so why not use them?


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