SCT error in this code

Also the same problem, Win 7, Google Chrome

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same problem "SCT " error is coming

I am also having same issue on chrome windows 8.1

Same issue. MacOS, Safari

same here - code is right, prints the correct result but stops on SCT error
OSX 10.6

Same here.
Win 10

Anyone managed to proceed?

same here - my code is right, and it prints the correct result but stops on SCT error
win10 chrome

Same here.
Win 7.
Google Chrome.

Same here. Google chrome windows 10. Also, it says Codeacademy’s Python course :smiley:

Same issue, Windows 10, Firefox. Also got the new design since this morning. Really dislike the removal of shift+tab to remove indents!

Same problem, tried re modelling the code in different ways but always “SCT Error”, Google Chrome, Windows 10. Someone please fix, I’ll keep trying myself meanwhile.

Anyone with a solution ?
Now I can’t proceed because of that error.

Same issue - using chrome on windows 10

Hello, all.

I was having the same problem. Am using Vista with an old Chrome (no longer supported) browser. I was certain my code was correct, but couldn’t get the tutorial to accept it. What did I do?

Refreshed the page.

I am not sure if that is going to work for anybody else, but I am now on topic 16. Comprehending Comprehensions.

Best of luck.

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We’re not seeing any errors on our end with the course migration – does refreshing the page solve this problem for anyone else?

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I think now the issue has been resolved, as now i can run the code without any error message.

We’ve been advised that the issue is resolved. Closing this topic.