SCT Error in Learn Python

I’m getting an SCT Error in the Introduction to Classes module in Learn Python, on exercise 9 (“They’re Multiplying!”). I have the following code:

class Animal(object):
“”“Makes cute animals.”""
is_alive = True
health = ‘good’
def init(self, name, age): = name
self.age = age

Add your method here!

def description(self):
print self.age

sloth = Animal(‘Flash’, 5)
ocelot = Animal(‘Chewie’, 3)

When I try to run it, I get an SCT Error and I’m not able to move on to the next lesson. I’m using Windows 10 OS, Chrome browser.

Nevermind, I solved my own problem!

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how did you solve the sct error?

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I was printing the wrong statements because I misread the instructions - so
the error resolved when I printed the right statements.

oh, okay! thank you very much :slight_smile: