SCSS Inheritance?

Hello Forum. I have a .scss question. I don’t know if this question belongs here but I thought I would give it a go. In the following .scss code, is “.infoLable” inheriting from “appraisal”?

.appraisal {
height: 50%;
padding: 10px;
background-color: #1d5882;
border-radius: 3px;

.appraisal .infoLabel {
color: #FFFFFF;
font-weight: normal;
min-height: 24px;

.appraisal .infoLabel.big {
font-weight: bold;
min-height: 30px;

I don’t think so. Following the Sass Basics, your current code only applies the styles to their current element. So infoLabel would only contain the styles color, font-weight and min-height. You can test it on the browser and see what happens.