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Hello @ninagoze,

What exactly is your question? Reply to me, and I will try my best to help you.

Barry Allen(@bartholomewallen)

Hi I’m studying the basics of HTML and on the left had side of the screen is the “Learn” section where the student, me in this case, reads the teaching material. Well, I can’t get it to move on by scrolling so I can continue to read. The “Instructions” bar cuts off the paragraph and I cannot continue to read in order to learn. I know there is further information because I can see the tops of the letters of the continuation of the sentence(s) that is (are) cut off by the “Instructions” bar. I need to continue before doing the exercises in the “Instructions” section. I think this program is wonderful, but I’m being hindered to learn further if I cannot continue to read about the subject. Please Help!

Hi Allen, thanks for responding so soon! This is the first time I logged a question. My question is in my post just below your response asking what my question is.

Hey @ninagoze,

Try to refresh your webpage a few times. If the problem continues to persist, reply me with the browser that you are using for codecademy. Some browsers have been known to not work properly with Codecademy.

Barry Allen (@bartholomewallen)

First I want to apologize, I called you Allen, not Berry. Sorry.
I refreshed a few times, once for a brief second the “Instructions” bar disappeared revealing more text of the “Learn” section, but it returned to the same problem. Refreshing 2 more times didn’t change anything.

I am using the latest version Chrome on an iPad (4 I believe.)

I looked for a Code Academy app for the iPad from which to work, thinking that may be the problem,
but did not find one.

There lies your problem @ninagoze, Codecademy isn’t supported for mobile devices. I recommend you use Codecademy’s Code Hour on the app store if you need to use an iPad, or use a laptop or desktop for Codecademy.
And… apology accepted :smile:

Barry Allen

Thanks for your help. I figured that using the iPad might be the problem. I’ll try the option you suggested. Have a great rest of your week. :slight_smile:

You too, @ninagoze, and keep coding hard :smile:!

Barry Allen (@bartholomewallen)

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