Scroll bar issues in Exercises


Is anyone experiencing a strange scroll bar or side bar if that is a better word in the exercises? I’m trying to scroll down by then sometimes it catches the lengthening tool for the textbox instead. It is quite annoying when I just want to scroll down. I’ve never experienced anything like this from my browser or any other website.


Well could you send a screenshot? Maybe the browser is the problem, Chrome is the preferred browser but Mozilla is also supported. Well if you are using a mouse then scroll down with it, if you are using a laptop with no mice than try scrolling with your fingers, You just put down two of your fingers on the laptop’s pad and move them up if you want to scroll up and down if you want to scroll down… As I said:

Maybe the browser is the problem

But I’m not sure about it, I think scrolling is a little hard in codecademy’s “windows”, but it isn’t that hard so that it’s impossible.
Hope this helps :grinning:


I was having the same problem in my courses too(CSS and the web development path) on every page in every new lesson! The problem is that there are 3 scroll bars; one for the whole browser on the far right, and two on the left in codecademy (one for the entire left column and one inside the instructions section) to move down the information and continue reading the instructions. I was also noticing that the left scroll bar in CC was very touchy and would adjust my text editor to resize
to half of the entire page EVERY time I tried to scroll to the next instruction or to continue reading course material. I just resolved one of the issues that I was having and it might help you out. I was doing the all the courses on firefox but when I switched to google chrome today, the issue seemed to resolve itself. No extra scroll bar at all anymore! So if your still using firefox I would definitely try downloading chrome if you don’t already have it on your computer. As for the other issue I mentioned, I noticed the touchiness (? is that a word lol) with the sizing cursor and the scroll bar still persist in chrome, so if anyone knows how to fix that, I would appreciate it too!


I’m facing the same issue! I’m doing exercises in the evening on my laptop where I don’t have my mouse on the couch or bed. I prefer using the scrollbar with my cursor instead of touchpad shortcuts due to issues with that so these exercises are so painful. In normal scrollbars, you can click the very edge of them and still be able to scroll. Its getting conflicted with the lengthening tool


I’m having the same issue in the Machine Learning courses. Both for the console down below and the browser on the right. Please help!!