Scripture reader


So, I was wondering, because I never searched for one (and I don't know how to search for it correctly), about scripture readers (you know, the thing you use to write japanese "characters" in Google Traductor with the mouse. I don't know what is the correct term).

I was thinking of making an app with Django, but the only thing I find funny or, at least, not so common (like a web shop), is about a educational web app to learn some physics (basic ones you learn among your grades before the university). But I would need something like the mentioned before to write formulas.

Anyone could help me?


Try to find youtube lecture viedos. Like this . Lucky for me im in a Ap Physics 1 class so im all set


i haven't used this, but i search on google for: google handwriting api
which took me to this stackoveflow question, now you want the api, after some clicking you end up at:

I have no idea how this API works, and if it works at all. But i will leave that you too you to figure that out


Thanks for the replies:
@amanuel2 this looks like educational videos. Maybe I didn't search well, or maybe you didn't understand well that I asked for something like @stetim94 said.
@stetim94 Well, your links are OK, but they are for Android. However, the term is the correct one I was searching for ("handwriting api"), so I don't think it is gonna be hard to find.

I'll keep this up when I find something good.


too bad it is only android, i thought they made one for browser as well. Let me know if you find something


hmm.. it seems they have copy right on, at the bottom of this page there are contact details, maybe call them? Then you can ask them if they have API aviabile which you are allowed to use


It is a payment API, so I don't think so.

However, I found something for Python, pytesser. But I need to do some work around to see what I need to get it working on Python 3.


oh, you where looking at converting images to text?


Dammit, then it isn't. I thought I founded it.

I want to write something in the screen (with the mouse), and get a char/digit from it. You know, a writter recognizer (like the one from Google to draw japanese "characters").


i am afraid i have some bad news...