Screen resolution

i have a question and i need help asap! i am having trouble with screen resolution. For example, my macbook laptop doesn’t match with a desktop. Can you help me, please?

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This is regarding width when creating websites? If so then that’s where responsive design comes in. An easy way to get responsive design is to use Bootstrap grid system. Another way a bit challenging and requires practice: use % as size and style mobile size separately using @media ()

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well, we can change your screen resolution, what exactly is your question with which we can actually help you?

to make my design match with everyone’s screen resolution

The forum will not allow me to put that much text in answer, making a responsive design is difficult. @zainabrawat does a good job at naming the things you need for making a responsive desgin


my software is the tumblr html so do i change px to %?

wait nevermind i understand now! thank you so much!!!

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