Screen freezing?


Every time I want to run any code, the tab freezes and I can't do anything on this page but the rest of the browser works perfectly


Hey, glitch or an infinite loop.. Close browser and open again


I don't think it is an infinity loop and also I tried to close and open again but it still freezes


What browser are you using?
Is this only happening for one specific lesson or any lesson any course?


I also just figured out, if I have 2 codecademy pages on at the same time, it freezes them regardless if I'm on the Q&A Fourm or anywhere


I am using Google Chrome


Search Text For Your Name
Lesson #3


I'm using Chrome as well have many tabs open at the same time haven't experienced a problem..

Just freezes no error?


No it just freezes up all my codecademy pages


It will be an infinite loop, post your code


/*jshint multistr:true */
var text = "Helo Blah blak hdauikg Anton lkadhkjshf blah pdaodp\
apdoodjidj Anton heell hbugbf"
var myName = "Anton"
var hits = []
for (i = 0 ; i = text.length ; i++) {



This is creating an infinite loop.

change the = to a <

also you're missing some semi-colons

and needs to be var i = 0;


Now it works!! Thanks!!


If its JavaScript and someone's page keeps freezing/crashing 98% of the time it will be their code rather than the browser/operating system :wink:


That's what I thought as well, he said it's not infinite loop


Sorry I didn't know what you were talking about


Np, @benjnev beat me in asking for code