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Learn the command line, environment variables

learn the command line, environment variables

code seems to work fine but check mark will not appear to allow progress into next lesson, EVEN AFTER I CLEAR The terminal window. (sorry just don't want someone to say clear the terminal window, when the lack of check mark after clearing is the problem here)


Letter case (upper/lower) is a big deal with terminal. Try typing export and not Export.


changed, still not getting the check


good suggestion though, will keep that in mind as a try to find solution


Dumb question, but are you closing/saving the file in nano before clearing the screen?


that's, a good question, I actually have been and I had kept attempting to recreate the profile so many times I actually went back and used rm command to eliminate the extra ones I had made in the directory. You think that could have something to do with my issue as well?


cause there were like a ton lol


It could be. Try resetting the lesson if you can.


alright, I reset this exercise (hoping that's the same as resetting the whole lesson if its not how do I reset whole lesson lol) will update with results following this post


^^ the above worked, however not by just resetting that lesson, had to go back to exercise 1 and restart each lesson as I went through it, and by the time I got back to screen 6/11 the coding/check mark validation worked.

Thanks man


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