Screen 3 - Group and Count code looks OK but error message?



New to SQL so apologies if very basic error!

Trying to get through screen 3 (Daily Count 2) but getting error message 'Group and count the orders by their dates' and I can't advance to next screen.

Code looks OK? and seems to reflect walkthrough at

Screenshot below, any help really appreciated as loving the course and can't move on!



I had the same issue- I had to delete and retype a few things before I was able to get the answer to work. I assume it's just a bug with the way Codecademy's SQL compiler works. Your logic is correct though!


Do not put a space between count and (1).

It must be count(1) not count (1).

I had the same problem so I looked back at the syntax of the example and realized there is no space in the count function.


Fantastic! sorted it, removed the extra space and can now progress, thanks for the replies, arraysolver16164 you're a legend!



I just had the same issue and even without extra space the error message appeared... Had to use the "Get code" button to pass