Oops, try again. Your function fails on scrabble_score("pie"). It returns "3" when it should return "5".

Can someone give me a light here on what am i doing wrong? Thank you :slight_smile:

score = {"a": 1, "c": 3, "b": 3, "e": 1, "d": 2, "g": 2, 
         "f": 4, "i": 1, "h": 4, "k": 5, "j": 8, "m": 3, 
         "l": 1, "o": 1, "n": 1, "q": 10, "p": 3, "s": 1, 
         "r": 1, "u": 1, "t": 1, "w": 4, "v": 4, "y": 4, 
         "x": 8, "z": 10}

def scrabble_score(word):
    for letter in word:
        return total



a function ends the moment a return keyword is reached

If a return keyword is reached in a loop, the loop will break in order for the function to end


Hey stetim, i changed my code a bit just a moment before your comment. I updated it right now, check it out :slight_smile:
I'm still geting an error though :frowning:

Edit: never mind bro, i got it! Just had to put the return outisde the for loop as you said. Thank you!


return is still inside the loop?


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