no errors

function myApartment() {
	var myCoffeeMaker = 'Aeropress';
	var buildingAddress = '150 E 14th St, New York, NY';
	var myCloset = 'Extra coats in the back';
	var buildingLaundryCode = 4927;
	var myRefridgerator = 'Filled with veggies and dark chocolate.';
	var myDog = 'Nikko';
	var buildingPhone = '(481) 516-2342';

// Do not edit the code after this line
console.log("**Apartment Building Information**");
console.log("Laundry code: " + buildingLaundryCode + "\nPhone: " + buildingPhone + "\nMailing address: " + buildingAddress);


... move the variables with apartment building information to the global scope, so that the console.log on line 20 can run.

That means moving them out of the function body, to below the closing brace. Study the variables in line 20 so you know which ones to move. Hint... All the variables that start with building.


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