Scope, For Loops and Arrays

This isn’t a question so much as an observation. The Scope Section seems premature as Arrays and Loops are covered in later sections but the instructions require you to code using them in the lessons and project and you are expected to know how they are formatted to use.

Or did I miss something?

Please post a link to the exercise so we can all be on the same page as you. Can’t say for sure without seeing the lesson.

Scope is Lesson 4. Arrays is Lesson 5. Loops is Lesson 6.

In Scope:
Block Scope III requires the use of a loop.

Training Days Project uses Arrays.

That is a SNAFU to behold, now that I see directly what you point to. Guess we could equate this to the Section C. questions that never get assigned by teacher but yet, there they are still in the textbook. I went for those questions to stay in touch with the teacher.

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