School Catalogue python course

Hi there,

I’ve completed OOP School Catalogue. and I would like to see if I managed to completed up to standards?

Am I missing out on @decorators , setters, getters, del ? or I have completed this little project alright?

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class School: def __init__(self, name, level, numberOfStudent): = name self.level = level self.numberOfStudent = numberOfStudent def get_name(self): return def get_level(self): return self.level def get_numberOfStudents(self): return self.numberOfStudent def set_numberOfStudents(self, new_amount): self.numberOfStudents = new_amount def __repr__(self): return f"A {self.level} school name {} with {self.numberOfStudent} students." class PrimarySchool(School): def __init__(self, name, numberOfStudent, pickuppolicy): super().__init__(name, 'primary', numberOfStudent) self.pickuppolicy = pickuppolicy def get_policy(self): return self.pickuppolicy def __repr__(self): parentRepr = super().__repr__() return parentRepr + "The pickup polity is {pickupPolicy}".format(pickupPolicy = self.pickuppolicy) mySchool = School("Codecademy", "high", 100) print(mySchool) print(mySchool.get_name()) print(mySchool.get_level()) mySchool.set_numberOfStudents(200) print(mySchool.get_numberOfStudents()) print('\n') testSchool = PrimarySchool("Codecademy", 300, "Pickup Allowed") print(testSchool.get_policy()) print(testSchool) print('\n') class HighSchool(School): def __init__(self, name, numberOfStudent, sportsTeams): super().__init__(name, 'High', numberOfStudent) self.sportsTeams = sportsTeams def getSportsTeams(self): return self.sportsTeams def __repr__(self): parent = super().__repr__() return parent + f" information of our sport Team {self.sportsTeams}" c = HighSchool("Codecademy High", 500, ["Tennis", "Basketball"]) print(c)

Hi, @fiko_94

Your code looks great!

One small tip, though. In repr of your HighSchool class you are returning a string with a list of sports teams with the brackets, so the print message looks a little bit bulky. I would suggest to add .join method to uncover the brackets so to speak, like so:

 def __repr__(self):
    parent = super().__repr__()
    return parent + f" information of our sport Team {', '.join(self.sportsTeams)}"

A High school name Codecademy High with 500 students. information of our sport Team Tennis, Basketball