School Catalogue Project - invalid character in identifier error

Hi everyone,

I was doing the Learn Intermediate Python 3 course project called “School Catalogue.” It is the project for the Python 3 classes section.

I tried to do the first 6 steps of the exercise with this code below. However, I keep getting an “invalid character in syntax” error on line 23. Are there any suggestions?

class School: def __init__(self, name, level, numberOfStudents): = name self.level = level self.numberOfStudents = numberOfStudents def getName(self): return def getLevel(self): return self.level def getNumberOfStudents(self): return self.numberOfStudents def setNumberOfStudents(self, newNumberOfStudents): self.numberOfStudents = newNumberOfStudents def __repr__(self): return "A {} school named {} with {} students".format(self.level,, self.numberOfStudents) mySchool = School("Codecademy", "high", 100) print(mySchool) print(mySchool.getName()) print(mySchool.getLevel()) mySchool.setNumberOfStudents(200) print(mySchool.getNumberOfStudents())

The codebyte you have shared doesn’t throw any errors. It seems to be running fine.

Thank you for checking. It kept throwing an error, but it works now.