School Catalog extra practice

I’m trying to figure out the last step to the School Catalog project. I’m confused as to what it’s actually asking. The step by step video states “to create the SchoolCatalog class without extending it to the School class, and it should accept 2 parameters.” Does this mean that I will also not be using any of the child classes I created for the Schools class? Below is my SchoolCatalog class with 3 instances for ‘primary’, ‘middle’, and ‘high’ schools: my full code here

class SchoolCatalog{
  constructor(schools, level){
    this._schools = [];
    this._level = level;
  get schools(){
    return this._schools;
  set schools(schools){
    this._schools = schools;
  get level(){
    return this._level;

const gompersPs = new SchoolCatalog('Gompers Elementary', 'primary');
const patrickMs = new SchoolCatalog('Patrick Henry Middle', 'middle');
const lakewoodHs = new SchoolCatalog('Lakewood High', 'high');


I’m assuming I need a setter for the schools property since it is an array and will store data. I have no clue how to get instances stored in the array inside of the SchoolCatalog.

Q1: Is this code block anywhere near correct?
Q2: Is my setter written correctly? I have it equal to schools, but will this change the property’s value from an array to a string?
Q3: When I try to log SchoolCatalog.schools I get undefined. Why?
Q4: When I try to log gompersPs.schools I get []. Why? I thought I was adding data to the array?