School Admin App - not a game :-(

Hey everyone,

It seems I missed the brief a little here by taking the freedoms a little too literally! I have two daughters in high school, so figured they’d enjoy ‘playing with’ an app that helps them manage their school admin:

This is a simple application written as a Portfolio Project for the Intro to Python course on Codecademy

The application allows Admins, Teachers, and Students to keep track of Subjects in a school context

This is a class of user is able to:

  • CRUD Teachers, Students and Subjects
  • Assign Teachers to Subjects
  • Enrol Students in Subjects

This is a class of user who is able to:

  • Deliver lessons

This is a class of user who is able to:

  • Attend lessons

This class represents the various subjects or courses offered by the School

The basic application requires a user to ‘login’ by identifying his/her role and user account - which is validated against an existing list. The application uses a static permissions dictionary to present a roele-based menu to each user role - which is navigated by providing the index of the required menu item. Each menu item gathers validated input from the user to identify the objects required as parameters for each method.

As far as possible, features has been represented in functions to maximise the reusability of the code and make maintenance easier. I tried to find a balance between abstraction and readability - and not sure I succeeded!

How to run the application
The application runs in the python console and can be run using the following command from the root directory


Code repository
The code for my application can be found here on GitHub

Feel free to provide any feedback!

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