Scholarship or discount based on merrit


Good afternoon. CC is awesome. It’s Cheap. Even the intensive are excellent. I just have two massive problems:

The First One is that there is no certification for completing a myriad amount of Pro Courses.

Secondly, there is no scholarship for Pro Intensives or CC Pro Based on merit.

Is this in the works?


The First One is that there is no certification for completing a myriad amount of Pro Courses.

Talk to a Moderator or team member about this. Other people have also complained about no certificate.

Secondly, there is no scholarship for Pro Intensives or CC Pro Based on merit.

Is this in the works?

I would guess so because every website costs money to run, so they need to pay for it somehow.

I hope this helps =)


Here’s a counter question for you:

Do you really think a certificate saying you can code means anything compared to other evidence in the form of a project or portfolio?

I’m not sure about the scholarship. It’s probably not going to happen, but @alyssavigil is your woman to ask for that.


In most jobs it will not. In the jobs I will be looking for it may help. And as I’ve seen Codecademy only Gives you the skills to build a portfolio, it doesn’t actually help you build one…


Giving you the skills to build a portfolio is helping you build one.

If you can prove you can do what a certificate would say you can, then you’re just as likely to get the job.

For example, if going for a web developer job, showing the interviewer your personal website or a website you made for a friend or comission etc. will be better than showing them a certificate saying “this guy can code \(^.^)/”


And I agree with that. Companies that hire people based solely on degree usually higher bad developers. But the problem is that my end goal is to get a job as a software engineer at a place like IBM, How am I supposed to show them my Engineering skills, Math Skills, My skills in utilizing things like Git, etc Without having a 4-6 year degree or a Slew of certifications


Thanks @jibblyj for the tag. I’m really happy this conversation is happening.

We just had a pretty good conversation about this in our Codecademy Pro community Slack yesterday. If anyone here is a Pro member and interested in seeing the recording of our chat with our tech recruiter (Emma) and current software engineer (Emily) please let me know and I’ll be happy to set you up. :slight_smile: They shared some clarifying points on this.

To pull some of the expert’s points out for this conversation:

Certificates, or proof of education helps. Completed projects in a portfolio helps. Showing your enthusiasm for learning and your area of skill REALLY helps, and the previous two are ways to show enthusiasm and commitment.

I invite everyone/anyone on this thread to share their thoughts on what a certificate means for them. Certainly, having something to show for what you learned here (or anywhere, really) is something we on the Codecademy team want to provide, but we want to be sure we’re doing so in an actually meaningful way. So, let us know what is meaningful here, please!

As for a scholarship, I really don’t have anything official to share on this, but please know that this team does everything in our power to bring the highest quality education at the lowest cost that we possibly can, to squeak by continuing operations. Perhaps one day we could be as large as the institutions that do offer scholarships—that would be a dream! Thanks for sticking with us. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, I didn’t know there was a Slack for Pro Users.

If you not gonna read anything read this one thing:
This is a common Problem with certifications or even college degrees. Example: let’s say CodeCademy has a certification that reads: “NAME:_____Is a certified Web Developer and Has Learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript” and in documentation provides a list of courses the individual has taken in order to obtain the certification.

If you don’t make the test hard enough and don’t have some way of Proving; either by their ability to make a website from scratch or by passing a difficult test; that the person really can make website’s than the certification won’t be valued by anyone or it will gradually be devalued.

You Don’t Need To Read This:
According to many of my friends who are industry professionals, Certification, Degrees, other forms of paper that certify someone knows something are basically only useful when trying to get in the interview process. Once you are in it rarely matters.

Also, CC has done an awesome job at making us feel good when we complete a course, but Certifications would make it even better. It’s also something we would be able to display on our LinkedIn. This would also further justify the price of CC Pro.


This is HELPFUL. Thank you!