Scala IDE for data science applications (like RStudio / Spyder / Rodeo)

With the rise of Spark, Scala has gained a tremendous momentum as a programming language of choice for data science applications.

To increase the efficiency when working on data science applications, specialized IDEs have been released for

R (e.g. RStudio) and
Python (e.g. Spyder or Rodeo, see Is there something like RStudio for Python?).
Is there something similar to Scala?

Thank You


Hadoop is also one of the major applications of Data Science Online Training if you are good in scala and python then better go to Hadoop

To be honest, there is Anaconda for Python. Basically it has Spyder IDE plus Jupyter Notebook (pretty nice to organize and comment code) and the most important thing is the huge Package Management, which includes popular data science packages like SciPy, Pandas, NumPy and so on.

Also there is PyCharm IDE (Python) that is developed by Jetbrains. The popular IntelliJ IDEA, one of the most famous Java IDE, was designed by them. By the way, IntelliJ IDEA supports Scala language.

But sticking to your question, You can use the Jupyter Notebook with Scala for data science since it let you install it very quickly. For more info, check the documentation on their site.