Scaffolding trouble in Visual Studio

I’m working through the " Add a Database and Scaffold Pages in Visual Studio" article, following along with the video.

However, when I try to add the scaffold I’m getting this error:


I have tried some basic fixes like clearing the NuGet package manager cache, suggested on stack overflow (here: core - Package restore failed. Rolling back package changes - Stack Overflow).

No luck though. Another answer online was to do with incompatible or conflicting versions of entity framework packages being installed - but to be honest that’s starting to go over my head for the level I’m at right now.

Although a fix would be nice… I also get the impression from doing some googling that this feature of VS may be getting dropped/not maintained well now? I could be wrong.

I’m tempted to just move on - or try writing out the pages manually by copying the code from the video as an exercise, instead of using scaffolding.

Either a fix, or thoughts on if scaffolding is still worth knowing would be appreciated.