Says its right but doesnt show anything in the console


I am done with virtual computer but i realized that nothing is acually showing up in the console except for a "#"
plz some1 tell me why.
Here is my code:

class Computer
    @@users = {}
    def Computer.get_users
        return @@users
    def create(filename)
        time =
        @files[filename] = time
        puts "A new file has been created"
    def initialize(username, password)
        @username = username
        @password = password
        @files = {}
        @@users[username] = password
    my_computer ="Cay Smith", 1111)


What do you expect to show up in the console?

You didn't call any methods/functions or print/puts statements.

It doesn't seem that anything should show up in the console.