Saving data, controller.. completely lost on ex3 (& on course in general)

so i am a new programmer (2 months in), i ve done the python course and the Ruby course so far and read a couple of books and have the basic concepts of programming down from these courses, but on the RoR course the explanations don’t seem to be there so i am lost. step 2 ex 3 on the saving data part i have ground to a halt. As mentioned in a previous post by someone else I feel as if i am simply following intructions with no explanations so i don’t understand what i am doing on each step or why, for example.

step 2. In the routes file, create a route that maps the URL /messages to the Messages controller’s index action.

  1. what is the routes file?
  2. what is the purpose of the routes file?
  3. where is the routes file?
  4. how do i create a route?
  5. how do i know if the route that i created maps the URL /messages to the Messages controller’s index action?
  6. what do i type in order to do this?
  7. what does URL/messages mean? and what is its purpose?
  8. what is the Messages controller’s index action?
  9. what does the Messages controllers index action do?
  10. what is the purpose of the Messages controllers index action?
  11. …etc

This is just a list of questions off the top of my head, it seems that the exercise assumes that i know the answers to these. now maybe they have been presented in previous exercises, but since i didnt understand exactly what i was doing and just following instructions I dont rememeber the relevant exercises/examples to refer to. could someone clarify these questions for me ? probably they seem stupid questions if you understand RoR but for now I am completely lost on this course. should i start the course over again perhaps. what is the best way for me to proceed? external resources, doing another codecademy course e.g. html or other to help give me better understanding of concepts? I want to understand RoR as fast as possible. thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @owen358,

Most of your questions can be answered through a search engine, which you’ll only find yourself using more as you continue programming.

Regarding whether you should already know the answers to these questions:

  1. I don’t recall struggling very much in this course, however I read through the some of the RoR docs before taking the course.
  2. Some languages/frameworks click for some people and not for other people, but nothing is going to work for everyone. If you find yourself struggling far more than you think is reasonable, there’s no shame in learning something else :slight_smile:

should i start the course over again perhaps. what is the best way for me to proceed?

I’d suggest starting the course over again, but you could proceed and search for answers to all of your questions as you go.

I want to understand RoR as fast as possible

Don’t rush, or you’ll have a much harder time learning it. Take your time and work on projects outside of Codecademy when you want to.

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