Saving a game to a computer


How would i save a game that i made onto my computer. i already put a link on a website but how do i save it on my computer do you need some kind of programming app. Also i use JS


programming languages are like tools, you use a hammer for nails and a screwdriver for screws

not all tools can do all jobs, same for programming languages. Now, JS is the only language for front-end web development. It now also supports back-end web development (nodeJS), and desktop programs is also possible:

But you have to ask yourself is this is the right tool/programming language for the job, there are many different options available, each with there pros and cons


so your saying that JS is the only way to make front hand web games or apps


js is the only language of choice for front-end web development, however webGL exist, but then this is a javascript API.

Front-end web development (even games with WebGL) isn’t an app in my opinion. But the lines on the term app has become really. Webpages are becoming more like apps, so depends on your definition of app

front hand web games? What?


You never told me how to save a program to my computer


because its not the simple, you would need to build a desktop application. You can’t just port JS code running in the browser to a desktop file. You need something like appJS, electronic or Chromium Embedded Framework.

But then you have to ask yourself, what value does making a desktop version of a web game add?


OK i will just keep it on my website that i made with a website maker:grinning:.