Saves problems



I already did something like 70% (or more) of "Learn HTML & CSS: Part I", but I have to start again, my progress has been erased.
It's not the first time, I restart this lesson lot of times...

I have to do this lesson to try to get into a school, well I really need to save my progress. (Because I work, I'm cashier, I can't do anything at once...)

Someone can help me? :frowning:

(Sorry for my bad english, I'm french ^^' )


Hi @stellstella If you did this lesson before the courses were updated all past progress was removed because now they're is a new html course that is in HTML5 and CSS3 I suggest you do that one. :slight_smile:


I did the lesson 1 week ago, the new updated is so recent?


Did you change your language preferences from Fran├žais to English, or English to Fran├žais?

There's a Help page article which addresses that specific problem.


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