Save & submit button problem



I am experiencing this issue last two weeks. I am coding and when I hit "save & submit code" button it just stuck. No error, no option to continue no anything. If I refresh the page code appear incomplete.

Sometimes when I finish my code a can still see some syntax errors in lesson sidebar with code results. When this happened, above reported problem happen also. It looks like code is not saved in some random point. It do not depend on some concrete code or course.

This issue was discussed already in this topic

My browser is updated. I appeared also in Firefox.

this is when I hit sava & submit button

Screenshot after refresh below

Do you have any ideas please?


This is after refresh


HI you should finish you foreach()


I finished foreach. The second screenshot is after I refreshed page.


I have the same problem, I changed the browser, refresh... But I can´t submit and go to the next lesson... Any ideas?


I am having the same exact issue. I type first_name = gets.chomp and I can't advance forward. I have done this through both Firefox and Chrome. Nothing works.


Hello. I'm having exactly the same problem! Tried using Chrome, Firefox, clearing cookies etc. but nothing helped. Any fixes or ideas? It's definitely codeacemy side problem.


I think it has to do with the preview window updating as you type. It tends to get locked up and then the issue starts. I'll try using Edge and report back if it's more common or cleared completely.

Edit: Nope, it even locks up with Edge.


Working Fix:

  1. Clear browser cookies.
  2. Change <?php to <?ph or something so that the processor doesn't run.
  3. Type the code you want to type and make sure there is no infinite loop.
  4. Change <?ph or whatever you changed it to, back to <?php