Save Broken Streaks

I’ve noticed I get a little bit less motivated when I realize I’ve broken a long daily streak. I’m sure this was part of the motivation for switching to the weekly goals format that the desktop site is working with at the moment.

But because the mobile app is still using the daily streak, I still get a little bogged down by it.

It would be cool if Codecademy added some sort of streak-saver feature similar to Duolingo, where you can earn “points” or something by building up large streaks, and then if you break your streak, you’re able to spend those points to save it as long as that’s done within a certain time frame.

This would be a good feature but can easily be explored. People that get a lot of points could not code for 2 weeks but still have their streak. However, they can put a cooldown of a month or something to prevent this.

Another possible solution to this issue would be to set a “daily points cap” or something, to limit the number of points a user can earn, thus requiring a streak to be organically built up before you are able to save it.
Breaking a small streak, while unfortunate, doesn’t hurt as much as breaking a long streak, and I think the system should reflect that.

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