Save and Submit code will not finish validating


I am not receiving any error messages. However, as with so many of the exercises I have attempted on this course, when I attempt to save and submit my code, as directed, the page will sit and do nothing while attempting to validate the page's content.

I have re-attempted this exercise something like 20 times already today, and am still unable to progress past the validation stage. My code is correct (in frustration, I clicked all of the links and page buttons to see if the entire page was just generally broken and ended up seeing the hint, which matches my code exactly).

I would really like to finish this course but am unable to because this "infinite validation" while the save and submit process happens is becoming so frustrating that I want to abandon the course completely,

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Your First PHP while loop!</title>
	$loopCond == true;
	while (3 > 2){
		//Echo your message that the loop is running below
		echo "<p>The loop is running</p>";
		$loopCond = false;
	echo "<p>And now it's done.</p>";


15 minutes later and the page still hasn't submitted my code. I have this same problem on both of the computers I use to access the course. Does anyone have any tips that I can use to either get this to work or at least speed up the process a little bit?


This is normal. You made an infinite loop.
3 is always greater than 2, and this condition is true no matter how many times you enters the while loop.
Therefore the site crashes because it tries to display infinitely "The loop is running"....


Thanks! I have now got it working.


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