"Save and Submit" button not working


For the lesson "String Formatting with %, Part 2", I've tried to click on the "Save and Submit" button, but the loading wheel seems to load indefinitely: https://cl.ly/061o3e0G1l2X

It doesn't matter if I input the code correctly or not, as it will load indefinitely and only displays the "What is your name?" on the console. Seems to be displaying the same behavior when attempting to replicate it on other browsers (tried Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

Any suggestions or anyone else running into this issue?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, @shinkiryuu ,

When you saw the "What is your name?" prompt on the console, did you enter a name in response? Your program is waiting for input from the user, and will not proceed until it receives that input.



Of course... Thanks so much!


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