SASS Preview Does Not Show My Progress Correctly

I completed the SASS Preview course this evening on a different computer. I’m sure that I was logged in as I was checking my overall status after completing the course.

I logged into a different laptop and it is still showing my progress to be 26% which is were I left off on this machine. I’ve logged out of the browser multiple times and even closed it completely to be sure it’s not some weird cache issue.

Please help, I don’t want to have to redo the course.


Is this the percent you seeing when you click on the course or from the lists of courses ?

The course is no longer on preview maybe its fixed ?
Please check and go through each lesson if its not showing 100%

Thanks for the response, it’s in both places actually. When I click into it, it only shows me having completed the first lesson not all 4.

Sounds like I’m going back through them for some additional training lol.


Thank You for letting us know we will look into it :green_heart:

Actually yes it will be great for you :slight_smile: