Sass course has All The Bugs!

Not so much a question as an observation. I’ve been going through a lot of courses on Codecademy and the Sass one takes the cake for the most bugs ever! It’s practically unusable. On several pages, my answer is identical to the View Solution answer but it gives me an error message and I can’t move on.

On top of that, on a few pages, it clearly has been swapped for a future page. For example, on the first Sass page when you click view solution $variables turn up even though they’re not covered until several pages later. The page won’t let you move forward without them. What a joke!


Was just thinking the same thing. I’ve completed a ton of the courses, and not had this problem with nearly any of them, but three of the pages in the first lesson alone in Sass produced errors even though I knew i had them right. And as you said, the “solution” covered things that wouldn’t get taught for several pages. One page gave me a weird error that said my border width was 3.99(long string of numbers) px even though the code clearly states 4. Glad it’s not just me, but maybe someone should take a look at this course?


This problem is still here in August of 2020. At least I know it’s not just me.

I think it’s still buggy even in 2021. The scss : css compiler window doesn’t update, I must refresh the page every time.

The content also needs to be updated with the new SASS system (Dart) that the @import has been deprecated. I hope this course can be updated because SASS is such a powerful tool for front end web!