San Diego Music Venue Recommendation Software

My program searches for live music venues in San Diego. You can search by musical style, location, or venue size. I also wanted to add days of the week there is live music.

Here’s the github repo: GitHub - IanHarland/sd-venue-recommendations

I haven’t added every venue in San Diego. I also want to make it so each venue can have multiple options for each attribute (e.g. musical style could have more than one attribute – blues, rock, country, local artists etc…)
I also want to add the website calendar for each venue to make it easier to look up who is playing when.

Let me know what you think!
I didn’t use all the stuff I learned in the course (linked lists/graphs/trees) but it does the job.
If the data set were larger, maybe I’d need something more efficient ?? But it works fine and I’m excited to share it with friends.