Samsung updates

There have been loads of updates on my Samsung computer and the updates have got rid of the option on chrome, firefox and internet explorer to copy urls. Because of this I can’t carry on doing the course because to get on to the next steps I need the urls of images. Please help!

Could you clarify your problem for us a little more?

Can you not just select the url you want, right click “copy” then right click and “paste”.

Or use Ctrl + C Ctrl + V

The updates on my computer mean that it doesn’t let me copy the urls of images. It won’t copy them when I right click or use a shortcut. My dad says its because its copyright but he wasn’t sure either. Now when I right click on images on chrome and internet explorer the option “copy url” doesn’t come up.

That sounds like a very odd problem. I would email/ring Samsung about the problem, I don’t think we could try anything else.

Should I try a different laptop- not a Samsung?

Yes that should definitely help. But it is worth checking what the problem is with Samsung just in case.

ok. Thank you! I’ll let you know what happens!