Sal's Shipping too much of a leap

It was too big of a leap for me to understand, everything before I got and did okay in, but none of it makes sense including solutions
EDIT: the hints also are far too misleading compared to the video

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Can you provide a link the exercise? Maybe we can help you on your way through the project :slight_smile:
Which part of the project are you finding difficult? Is it the wording which confuses you or is it that you don’t understand how to solve the task?


totally agree here, sper stuck on sal’s shipping and its a bit too much of a jump up

This is a lesson in breaking a problem down into its constituent parts. The two main parts are Rate by Weight, and Cheapest Method by Weight. We are given data tables that set out all the information we need.

Pull out a pencil and work things out on paper so you can begin to visualize the various scenarios. Work out some solutions. That will help to translate over to code the working steps involved.

Rule one in programming, rise above the fog, or crash and burn. Every programmer will be given problems that are above their present skill level. That is a given. The ones who rise to the challenge get noticed. The ones who don’t, well, they remain under the lid of the glass jar like a bumble bee. Lots of buzzing but they never escape, even when the lid is removed.

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@benfrancis5542192819 @darylwatterson545927
I found the exercise and I have now had a look through it.
Firstly, remember that the projects are voluntary and therefore you do not need to complete them in order to progress.
That being said, it is a good idea to complete as many of the projects as you can. Part of learning programming is getting stuck in the mud and having to find a way out again. There is loads of resources in codecademy and on the rest of the web which can help you understand concepts which you struggle with.

I think it would be helpful for yourselves if you clarified which parts you find to be too much of leap - that way we can provide you with as much assistance as possible

I eventually figured it out, but I overcomplicated it by viewing the video. I was using the wrong > in the end haha

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